Friday, September 3, 2010

Why I Started This Blog

I get questions all the time .... at parties ...via emails ...via phone ...and even professionally as a consultant. One of the "answer seekers" recently said, You are like the Dear Abby of Business - especially Marketing. No matter what I ask you, or what the situation is, you have the right solution."

This got me to thinking... why don't I create a place where people can ask me random business and marketing questions and I'll try to help them out. Now, keep in mind, my suggestions and answers are just that...suggestions.But, I am happy to help someone out if I can and this is a more universal way to do just that. So those of you who hit me up at birthday parties, cocktail hour, etc., now have a "specific" place to ask your questions and let's just enjoy social time together, ok?! LOL

So, I'll either start a topic and you can comment and I'll respond, or, you can send me your question and I will answer. Keep in mind that your question and my answer may be posted on the blog to help others. But, if you ask me to keep your identity confidential, I will.

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