Thursday, September 9, 2010

CRM Systems - So Many On The Market - How To Choose One

I get a lot of questions on CRM Systems and I have sourced and implemented many different systems. Sometimes it is best to buy an "in-house" model and others it is better to use a web based program. Here was a recent question and my response. Hope it helps you wade through the plethera of options and focus on what is most important when selecting the right CRM system for you.  

Question: Can you provide recommendations/advice/tips on Cloud VS Software CRM programs?

Answer: In this case, my opinion would be whichever is most functional and cost effective and most importantly, flexible for your environment. The critical issue(s) are the policies and drivers of the CRM system itself. Things like how and when 'touches' are made, types of 'touches' and personalization of 'touches' are far more important than the cloud vs. SW approach. Implementing a CRM system is mostly about planning activities and actions that are relevant and address customer's needs, desires and habits.

The next phase involves intensive and diligent review of response, reaction, changes and new opportunities. This is where the need for flexibility in the system is of the utmost importance. You need the ability to add or unplug a trigger on a dime.

Hope this helps and good luck! Mary

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