Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I will admit it. . . I FALL for E-Mail Marketing also!

This is a guest post from a top notch marketer with mad social media skills and creative concepts to unusual marketing challenges.
Please enjoy "I will admit it. . . I FALL for E-Mail Marketing also!" by Pamela Bernstein.

As a marketer, I find myself either completely falling for marketing tactics or ripping them apart, probably unjustly. I find myself doing this more so than ever as I am in the middle of planning my wedding. I was told by many in the beginning of my planning to go to as many wedding shows as possible, as vendors give great discounts just for coming to their booth. Instead of going to those awful shows I have been signing up saying I am going and never show up. Then I am on the vendors’ mailing list for doing nothing. Brilliant, but annoying, since the sheer number of emails I get is out of control! 

Case in point, I was lying in bed when an e-mail comes through thanking me for stopping by their booth at the Bride World Expo Woodland Hills Wedding show. I never stepped foot inside this show but signed up for it and now am on the email list. The email went on saying the first 10 people to respond to this email will receive 1 hour engagement shoot free of charge just for meeting with the photographer with no obligation to use her.

Check out the copy of the email  . . .

Just a quick hello and a re-introduction to myself and my business, I'm ******  and I am the Owner and photographer of **** Photography based in Los Angeles.

It was so nice to meet you at the Bride Word Expo in Woodland Hills. Thank you so much for your interest in my work and coming by my booth to meet me. I know that the expo can be hectic and a little impersonal, but I would love hear more about you, your fiance and your amazing love story that got you to where you are. Every wedding & couple are unique and beautiful and I have to tell you that this is my favorite part of the job, getting to know each couple and creating beautiful images together to tell your story!

If you were able to stop by my booth this past Expo, I was offering an amazing opportunity: a free Engagement shoot! The catch is, each couple needs to schedule a meeting with me...even if its just for coffee and in turn I give you a free one hour engagement session with printed proofs and 5 digital copies via Facebook.

I have already had an amazing response to these completely free E-sessions...but I'd love to offer a few more. The first 10 couples to respond to this mailer will receive a FREE 1 hour engagement session with me($250 Value) contracts, no deposits, just getting together to take some amazing photos!

Thank you so much for coming to my booth, and I look forward to creating beautiful images with you soon!

I sat up and responded quicker than you can say Wedding show! We were one of the 10 people to respond, and will get our engagement session for free! In fact, we met with this photographer, and fell in love with her work we booked her. I would never have found her if it wasn't for signing up for the simple e-mail list and responding to her message.

E-mail marketing does work when you send your message to the right list of people with an eye catching subject line, the rest as they say is history, however, I would highly suggest an incentive for people to respond, sign up, like your Facebook page, etc. Incentives are the best way to get people to interact with you and your company!