Tuesday, November 27, 2012

First Out – Last In
Avoid the Fiscal Cliff for Your Business


Most marketers agree that “we” are the first group to be cut when an organization faces financial hardship. This is baffling as studies have shown that those organizations that continue to commit financial resources to marketing through tough times, even Recessions, are significantly faster to rebound than those who do not.


Likewise, when an organization is on its last leg, the leadership decides to  pull from the coffers and get marketing help to save their business. Although this is better than doing nothing, inevitably, the cry for help is too late. Even the best in the business cannot save a financially struggling business in under three months.


Although this is a short post. Please re-read if you are in a leadership position within a company. Too many businesses are failing and much can be attributed to the behaviors (mistakes) described above. To survive in this environment, you must be smarter than the rest of the pack. Don’t follow the same knee jerk reaction that most businesses do, be fearless and let the professional marketers save your business from its fiscal cliff.


Good Marketing = Good Business,