Friday, September 17, 2010

Back to the Basics - More on Getting Through the Noise

I went to a marketing network lunch today. It was the first time I had met with this local group - and I liked it. I liked it a lot. The room was full of experience and victories and I'm sure lessons learned (which is true of any seasoned professional). The conversation was flowing, the format free-form and it was a true pleasurable way to spend the afternoon.

One question was posed to the group: " What are you hearing from your customers?" My response was a bit the opposite. I answered with what I feel customers NEED to hear these. It reminded me of the blog I wrote about getting through the noise. (see previous post).

So since this was a local marketing group, I started to research local services to support the idea of going back to the basics, but with a unique piece of collateral and with a smart, targeted list with a high likelihood of adoption (buying) of the offer presented.

Now, this approach requires GOOD information. If you aren't collecting your customer's contact information -- START! Think about it the way you would think -- um , more accurately FEEL -- about it for yourself. (Again - flash back to the golden rule blog posted earlier.) If you frequent an establishment and every time you go to them you are pleased when you leave, you won't mind getting information about specials or special info that you, SPECIFICALLY, would like. Your customers are the same. Let them know YOU will only contact them if it is about something THEY would care about. Then, start taking notes on them so you know (and remember) their likes and dislikes. If you are able, link their purchases to their contact info. Then, contact them with specials, new arrivals, special orders, etc that THEY would like. DO NOT bomard them with everything – with junk. (Read more about this on previous blog and look into CRM systems like to hold and query data.)

Then, when it comes time for the piece, do something unique. For one client, I was looking into a discount/rewards card. I found this interesting piece and like the "tear away" aspect as the rules of the program can go on the part they keep and the card can fit neatly into their wallet. The card is postcard sized making it inexpensive to mail and most of you know that postcards get ready MUCH MORE than envelope mail. It is unique, eye catching, has user interaction ( it is tearing—user interaction does not have to be on the internet;) – but a IU element increases loyalty. If they take the time to interact, they care about your business , products and/or services.

Check out this piece. I like it...

Happy Marketing!

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