Friday, September 3, 2010

Find Your Niche!

One of my beautiful and courageous nieces contacted me today and was happy that I started the blog. This isn't about that, it is about her!

She is a stylist and has really found her talent in hair design. She's actually full service -- from avante guard to traditional - but a niche has emerged.

She told me today that she has been recently doing a lot of work for weddings.

This reminded me of the importance of finding and more importantly, recognizing, a niche market. Sometimes it happens naturally, as in my niece’s case, and other times, market research and talent will help you to determine your space in the market.

If you find yourself in my niece’s situation (a demand for you to do something over and over again), seize the moment. As soon as you can, develop collateral, websites, blogs and social media to support your niche. In this case, attend wedding events/shows with materials handy to show future brides how amazing you can make them look and feel on their special day. Testimonials on your site and collateral are key to speaking to new customers. Referrals are huge also.

Network! Develop relationships with everyone who has ANYTHING to do with your industry. In this case, you may think the baker who is designing the cake has NOTHING to do with your craft -- but you never know if during a conversation over a cake tasting, the bride mentions that she does not have a stylist for her special day --- <insert your network relationship's recommendation and passing of your business card here>!

Some very important people (especially in the wedding industry), literally fell into this niche and realized the moment and embraced it. (Think David Tutera)

Be open, conscious and ready to take advantage of your niche should it present itself to you.

Hey, when was the last time you evaluated your business and analyzed what "similarities" or "patterns" existed in your recent business trends? If you haven't done it lately, do it now!

Who knows what niche you will find? It could be the amazing beginning of an amazing career!

Find your niche!


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