Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Last 12 Days of Business - Day 11

Rev the Team Up for 2011
Often many employees are in the office and out of the office sporadically during the holidays. Take the time to take roll (or have someone do it for you - Taking roll ensures that you can catch everyone) and hold meetings and one: ones meetings with key managers, supervisors and a hand-picked group of influencers in the office. (Influencers are very powerful in your organization. They are the people that others follow, so get them on board with the new plan for 2011. Include their ideas as you can so they feel ownership and then watch them drive others to get excited about the New Year and the positive changes they can all make to get things done faster, improve communication, increase customer satisfaction and most importantly, enhance the bottom line. Most of them will begin the new initiatives immediately and that puts you about 2 weeks ahead of the game J
Check Back Tomorrow for Day 10!

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