Friday, December 31, 2010

Ending the Year on a Positive Note - -- Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
Finally Something Positive About the Recession -

To date, I have seen very little positive actions come out of this recession
and a lot of people are in what Maslow refers to as the Safety Level - Step 2 ('s_hierarchy_of_needs
<> ). Many are in Step 1 - Basics.

They say that necessity is the Mother of Invention. We all hear, read and
some of us are experiencing this state - managing to necessity. Being at the second level of a five level hierarchy is not a fun place to be. Many are being sensible and keeping expenses under control, eliminating unnecessary costs, adapting to new ways of living, etc. One way that they are doing this is by limiting entertainment expense by watching TV, sports and movies at home - many on the computer.

One good thing that I have seen arise from the ash of this rough recession is It is my understanding that the co-founders started this for themselves and their family. It has now grown to cover the new hit show "Fairy Job Mother", "Glee", "First 48", " Top Model" and networks like "A&E", "HBO", "NBA", "NCAA", "QVC", "MTV", "Nick", and many more. Unlike most computer TV options, there is not a long waiting time before the shows are available and as computer screens are becoming larger and with greater resolution, this is a savvy option to a $100 - $200 monthly cable bill. In addition, since programs can be replayed, it negates the reason for a DVR
-- more savings.

This concept makes me ask two questions:

1.   Will we see more innovations like birthed during the

2.   Will your next "TV" be a computer with a large high resolution screen?

With hope for the human condition and the support of necessity breeding
invention, I raise my glass to and others from whom great ideas will come!

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