Friday, December 24, 2010

8 Short Days Until 2011 – Enjoy, Reward and Praise – What a Great Day!

I know this is starting to sound like an HR blog (!) but I promise you that after the 25th, we are going to get into the “heavies” i.e.; taxes, Q4 results and what it means to your Q1 Plans, the establishment of actions to keep your finger on the pulse of your competitors, your bottom line, your realistic (or not) projections and much more.
If you are in an industry where you are open all day long today, then be the joyful leader and regardless of issues you may have present a cheerful leadership enthusiasm  to all – even the guy/gal whose performance makes your blood boil---deal with it later. It will be infectious to your employees and customers (if you interact with customers today). Remember the old saying that the fish rots from the head down, well enthusiasm is even more powerful and contagious when it germinates from the top.  
Enjoy the day and take on a fun role - after all – it has been a tough year! By making people feel good,  they will do likewise. If you recall, Catherine Ryan Hyde, author of Pay It Forward showed us what a difference each of us can make with this powerful concept in a book and then later a movie.
 But ... and a VERY BIG BUT here is …..if it is not in you to be this way - DON’T do it. Simply go around and shake each and every employee’s hand, look them in the eyes and thank them for their service throughout the year but give them a special thank you as you acknowledge that they would much rather be at home with their loved ones. Tell them you deeply appreciate their commitment. Then, add an important message: ask them if they would please extend your gratitude to their loved ones for tolerating their absence today. You will be gob-smacked with the looks that you will receive and don’t be surprised if you get a note of appreciation from an employee’s loved one or a mention by an employee’s loved one at the next family oriented picnic or holiday party. It means a lot to employees’ loved ones that you know of their sacrifice too. (But again, if it is NOT YOU – don’t do it…it will backfire.)
So enough of what some might call the “soft stuff”. After tomorrow, we tackle some hard core business issues that can not only drastically affect your 2010 results but can impact your critical start to 2011. Now this is not an apology for covering the afore mentioned topics. They are important to a business’ success, but there are also some more traditional topics that need to be covered before we end the year.
I will pop in tomorrow shortly.  
Don’t forget to set out cookies for Santa and carrots for reindeers tonight ;)

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