Friday, October 22, 2010

CMO - A Change Agent or Leader or Both?

It is a tightrope to exhibit the necessary leadership to get associates on board, but the success and team building occur when the vision of change is communicated in a way that everyone understands its benefit. Any change strategy will not succeed without “buy in”.

It amazes me how much of change management is still a top down process versus an inclusive web-style approach. Leadership can come from the top but “buy in” comes from within. Without it, the best plan will fail.

“Lip service” is easy for people to portray. Change is hard.

Change Management is never easy so if you find yourself in the position to spearhead transformation, be smarter than the average bear…and easy on yourself and others in the long run... and be inclusive in the planning, implementation and rewards. You’ll be amazed at how smoothly and enthusiastically
true change will not only occur.... but will be lasting.

Try this tactic the next time you a have siituation, challenge or problem that requires a new approach. I hope that you are not only successful, but enjoy the process. 

Best wishes from a Turn Around Executive who loves the method as much as the outcome!


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