Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What To Do In A Recession –Get Help – A Consultation!

So many are struggling with how to hang on to their life’s dream – their business. Others are hanging in there but are seeing declines not growth.

Unfortunately, what most business people do in times of difficulty is cut back on marketing. There is a study that shows that businesses that continue to spend on marketing through a Recession rebound 30%+ faster in growth than those who do not.

Listen, I know it is hard, but try to use this time to take a deep breath and get some help. It might be time to focus more on customer service. It might be time to offer better pricing. It might be time to fine tune your product/service offerings. Or……

I have been doing this a long time and I can tell you that no one can assess your business, its niche and its shining and unique characteristics faster than I can. I can also spot the problems and solve them faster than anyone. So, take advantage of me, use me and let me help you. No one will be more honest with you about your business, your opportunities and your potential than I will be. And, (heaven forbid), if the hand writing is on the wall and it is too late to salvage, I will help you with an exit strategy so that you can remain as whole as possible.

For the month of May, I am offering a consultation to businesses that are really willing to put effort and work into making their businesses not just survive during the recession – but THRIVE! Hopefully, you will get some thoughtful insight from our time together and I can further help you through consulting to deliver your business into what it should be and what you dreamt it would be. We’ll discuss what tools and tactics you currently use and those that you should invest in (time and/or money). We’ll discuss what has worked and what hasn’t (and I can probably tell you why).

Feel free to read some of my other postings so that you understand my straight shooting approach to business. It is a competitive world and straight talk wins the game every time. I will give you that plus ideas and strategies to help your business beyond your existing thoughts and dreams.

I look forward to hearing from the brave ones! Contact me at mary.mussard@yahoo.com

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