Thursday, June 23, 2011

Guest Blog: I Fought the Blog and the Blog Won! By Gordon Durich

 As a "traditional" writer for many years, the idea of blogging seemed at first foreign. However, in 2011, the world is full of blogs - some that hit the mark, others that seem, well, rather like a gripe fest. I mean not to minimize this form of popular culture and its prominent validity as a commercial form of mass communication. It is just that I was used to writing copy for publication in print form and then having my ink edited (and sometimes censored) to fit the tone of the medium for which I wrote. In the world of blogging, there seems not to be such a thing as editing!

My writing initially bore a naive and often gushy over-congratulatory and probably over-academic viewpoint. Then, I "sold out" and started writing more "business" pieces than I had ever thought possible. This was not by choice, but for survival - the almighty dollar. I began to write a lot of blatant advertorial copy for local small businesses. I churned them out and the business owners loved every glowing word.

This whole new trend of online blogging is a curious beast and for a time, I resisted it.
In spite of this, I have come to learn that blogging can in fact lead to a new career for some who can manage to put words together in a fetching way. Why not make a living by using the written word in a new forum and format? Look at the journey of Julie, the based-upon-a-true-story character in the fanciful Meryl Streep movie "Julie and Julia" who turned her obsession with Julia Childs into a professional goldmine. I think that's when I really "got" it.

So now I find myself joining the ranks and writing online – blogging!  

In Public Relations and advertising, a simple slogan can tell a story. And yet blogs are all about words, words, words. I would love to see blogs by the likes of Mark Twain, George Orwell, Og Mandino and some of the Greek philosophers. Could they keep up with the routine of cranking out the daily volume of words that the bloggers from San Francisco to Sydney are doing?

We may all be living in a world of monomania, but there is always a void to fill. It's either "them" or "us" and someone has to keep the wheel spinning. What will replace the blog? I can’t wait to see ... but in the meanwhile, I’ll continue to write - online that is.

Gordon Durich studied Media and Creative Writing in Melbourne, Australia, worked as a features writer and in Public Relations. His mentor is Phillip Adams, Australian media guru and broadcaster.  He writes for AOL and the odd print publication, odd being the operative word.
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  1. I'm actually in marketing management and a lot of the industry magazines I read or webinars I watch are saying consumer blogs are falling in popularity due to Facebook and Twitter. In the handmade world where it's my hobby, I don't see that so much as true. Blogging they say is going more B2B. But then, it makes sense in the handmade and mommy communities to blog.

  2. I have been given the same indicators in regards to consumer blogs. Most interaction (writing and responders) seem to be found actively in the B2B sector. Thank you for your comments. I will forward them to the guest blogger, Gordon.

  3. As a writer, happy to follow another writer. And I myself was surprised by the blog world. Rather, by how quickly taken by it I was, as it got me back into writing. Now I'm addicted.

  4. Thank you Sandra for taking the time to comment. I will forward your feedback to the suthor, Gordon. i hope he is encouraged to keep blogging and maybe he'll even get addicted like you :)

    thank you,

  5. Right. Addicted to blogging? Hmmm. What an interesting way to word it. It's really fascinating to read such a range of responses. Write On!