Monday, February 7, 2011

My Client Was Honored to Contribute to an Homage to Sargent Shriver

I was asked by the Peace Corps of Gabon, Africa for permission to use one of my client’s songs in a tribute video that they were making as an homage to Sargent Shriver’s life’s work with the Peace Corps. Of course, I gave them the approval and our blessings for a wonderful project.

This may have been shared with you already, but in case it has not, here is the video produced by the Peace Corps in Gabon, Africa which features my client’s song titled, People Like You, a tribute to everyday heroes who really make a difference.

So that you can put a face to the voice, here is the original video of the song as sung and portrayed by the songwriter, Irene Brennick. (

I urge you to find a cause and devote yourself to volunteerism and helping others.  



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