Friday, January 14, 2011

Announcing Affordable Social Media Marketing Turn Key Program

As one entrepreneur said about Social Media Marketing, “Just thinking about adding that to my plate makes me exhausted – even though I know if I want to compete in today’s world - I must do it”.
Adding Social Media to your Marketing Mix shouldn’t be that difficult. And now, it isn’t.
Welcome to a Turn Key Social Media/Marketing Program that is reasonable priced and has proven to get fantastic results.
The three key ingredients to the program are what make it so easy to start, affordable and a profit generator.
The Three Keys are
1.       Affordability – No set up fees, No up-front training or consultation fees – just a low $50/hr rate that can easily be billed to clients at $75 with a healthy margin for the service providers who need to deliver Social Media Marketing to their clients.
2.       Low Monthly Minimum Hours Commitment – Some clients, like start ups, authors, entertainers, artists, photographers, restaurants, sole proprietorships, etc. can start the program with as a little as a 5 hour a month commitment for a period of 3 months. After the 3 months, there is no obligation to continue; although most not only continue but increase their hours due to great results.
3.       Measurement and Reporting – The current status of the client is provided, monthly, outlining the growth results achieved in the Social Media Arena. Most clients find this useful but already know the program is working as they are realizing results in contacts, leads demand and/or sales.   

If this sounds like something you would like to hear more about for your business or for your clients, please feel free to contact Mary at

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  1. Hi,
    Great blog I like it,
    This strategy is still in its infancy and very few other companies are using it, yet it is proven to be a powerful marketing tool that can help you get your business to the next level.